Send several emails to your database. I can send you some email templates you can use, all with different messages which can be customised with your logo, organisation name and fundraising cause. We recommend that you send five or six different emails to ensure that all your potential buyers have received an email that appeals to them and prompts them to buy. So don’t stop after one email.

Let people know the cause you’re raising funds for. People like to support a cause.

Mention your own personal experience using the Book. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

Make the most of additional promotional opportunities within your organisation - newsletters, announcment boards, signage. You'll receive bonus sale if it can be seen by the public!

Make your promotions fun, relevant and impossible to resist!

Find some talented people in your organisation and make a video. You can spread the word by including the link in any correspondence you send out. Imagine your sales if it goes viral!