1. What is an Entertainment Memberships and how does it work?

Entertainment™ Memberships give you hundreds of 2-for-1 and up to 50% off offers from many of the most popular restaurants, attractions, activities, shopping, accommodation and more in your area.

Memberships are available in two formats: the traditional Entertainment™ Book that comes with the Entertainment™ Gold Card and hundreds of valuable vouchers, or the Entertainment™ Digital Membership that puts the value of the Entertainment™ Book on to your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Find out more about Entertainment Memberships.

2. How can I buy an Entertainment Membership?

Entertainment™ Memberships are sold as a fundraiser through a variety of non-profit organisations, including major charities, community groups, associations, schools and social clubs, as well as sporting and recreational groups. Contact one of these types of organisations that you are affiliated with, or find out how to buy a Membership.

3. How do I activate my Entertainment Book?

Every Entertainment™ Book comes with an Entertainment™ Gold Card which needs to be activated here before use.

4. How do I activate my Entertainment Digital Membership?


To activate your Entertainment™ Digital Membership:

  1. Go to this page and enter the Card Number and Order ID as it appears in the email you received when you purchased your Membership. If you no longer have the email, call us on 0508 326 657.
  2. Download the 'Entertainment™ New Zealand' App which provides the technology to support your Entertainment™ Digital Membership.
  3. Finally, log into the Entertainment™ New Zealand App with your email address and password. You can now redeem the offers directly from your smartphone, with no need for the physical Gold Card or vouchers.

5. How can I retrieve my forgotten password and/or login?

If you no longer use, or can't remember the email address associated with your Entertainment™ Membership, please email us or call 0508 326 657 for help with restoring access to your account. If you have forgotten your password, select ‘Log in’ in the top right corner of the home page followed by ‘Forgot Password?’.

6. How can I view Bonus Offers and any changes or updates for my

If you have the traditional Entertainment™ Book Membership, Bonus Offers, changes and updates can be viewed here. As a Book Member, on the Bonus Offer page it will advise for particular offers how to redeem such as ‘Present your Gold Card’. If you have an Entertainment™ Digital Membership, you will be able to see Bonus Offers by tapping the burst icon in the App. Offers will be updated automatically each week.

7. How can I find out where I can use my Entertainment Membership on public and special holidays?

There are a few days each year when acceptance of Entertainment™ Memberships is not compulsory. These are noted in the Rules of Use or view page 2 of your Book. Many businesses choose to welcome Entertainment™ Members on these days, and they are listed here in the lead-up to these days.

8. Are Entertainment Memberships available for other cities and how do I get one?

Entertainment™ Memberships are available for cities throughout New Zealand and Australia, and Bali. Current Members can buy Memberships for other cities at a special Member-only price. You can purchase online or use the order form that is printed in the back of the Book.

9. How do I buy an Extra Entertainment Membership for family and friends?

Entertainment™ Books, as well as the Entertainment™ Digital Memberships for smartphones, are sold throughout the community as a fundraiser.
Buying a Book Membership as a gift:
Once on a purchase page, fill out the section titled ‘Your Details’ with the details of the intended recipient of the gift including their postal address, however, please enter in your personal email address for the confirmation & invoice to be sent to before proceeding to the next page. Follow remaining prompts to complete the purchase as normal.
Buying a Digital Membership as a gift:
Once on a purchase page, fill out the section titled ‘Your Details’ with the details of the intended recipient of the gift, however, please enter in your personal email address for the confirmation & invoice to be sent to before proceeding to the next page.
Once you have confirmed the details input, under ‘Would you like to activate your Digital Membership now?’ select ‘No thanks, I’ll do it later’ and complete the purchase as normal.
Once completed you will receive an email confirmation from us with the order and activation details, you can forward this on to the intended recipient so they can complete the activation under their own details.

10. What do I do if my Entertainment Gold Card is lost or stolen?

Be careful with your Gold Card as there is only one per Book and a $35 charge for replacement. To order a replacement Card, contact your local office or order online.

11. Who are the current Entertainment Gold Awards and Hall of Fame winners and how can I vote?

The Entertainment™ Gold Awards recognise Entertainment Members' most popular businesses. After winning three Gold Awards, businesses are inducted into the Hall of Fame. To view the current winners or to vote for your favourites in your city, visit the Entertainment Gold Awards page.

12. Do you ever print customised versions of the Book that I could give as gifts to my staff or clients?

Customised versions of the Entertainment™ Book have become very popular and are being used by many companies to reward clients and staff. Request more information online or call our Custom Book Division in Auckland on (09) 307 9513.

13. Can I use Entertainment Memberships as a fundraiser for my club or organisation?

Entertainment™ Memberships are an easy way to raise money for your school, charity, community organisation or corporate social club. Find out more.

14. Are my personal details secure?

Yes. Entertainment™ Publications is committed to ensuring that we meet all the requirements of the National Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act. For information on our privacy policy please refer to our privacy page.

15. How can I contact Entertainment?

Please phone or email your local office. If your query relates to the Digital Membership, call 0508 326 657.

16. What if I'm dissatisfied with my Entertainment Membership?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Entertainment™ Membership, you may return the unused Book to your local office within 60 days of purchase. You can also swap your Book for a Digital Membership (or vice versa). Just contact your local office and we'll be happy to help.